Mums Say: What is your ideal pampering day?

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I barely remember my recent three-hour spa session because I was so exhausted – being a mummy is really tough; My mind and body shut down and slept through it all but I did, however (when I finally woke up), float away with fabulously soft skin and man was my face glowing!

Blissful days of pampering, don’t come by as often for me since my two boys need my constant attention but when an appointment is booked? Oh my, the excitement! My heart leaps for joy for what is to come and I imagine all sorts of luxury. Ooh, the anticipation!

Mummyfique rounded up some like-minded mummies and asked them what their ideal pampering day looked like.

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“Starting my morning with a good cup of coffee, spending my afternoon with a relaxing spa session followed by high tea, enjoying my evening at dinner with my family & finally snuggling in bed with my husband (and Netflix!) before settling into a restful night’s sleep.”
-Amanda Ong, mummy to Ezra

“Massage, shopping, manicure, pedicure, a nice meal with good company and conversation. Followed by a long hot shower and a good nap!!”
– Carol Menon, mummy to Naeya

“Massage and a manicure and pedicure, plus a good meal.”
-Rachel Pinto, mummy to Yamuna and Naradha

“Go on an all expenses paid holiday to London, business class air-tickets, please.”
-Gemma, mummy to Reuben

“Shopping for anything! With the husband in tow, willing to accompany me to every shop AND allowing me the pleasure of taking my time in every, single shop. Then after, a good dinner, anywhere; even at the hawkers’ for some good ol‘ pork satay and Hokkien Mee!”
-Claudia Danker, mummy to Sophie and Noah

“A child-free shopping sesh, a nice long massage, followed by a bath, champagne, chocolates and a good book.”
-Shireen Shen Jega, mummy to Ava Rose and James

“Having a surprise trip planned for me, with a spa day included!”
-Michelle Pinto, mummy to Aiden, Lucas and Caelen

“Weekend escape, no kids, exclusive couple time with no electronic devices, spa massage, good music, great food with bubbly or wine”
-Jacinta Pierre, mummy to Marc and Sean

“A facial, massage and pedicure.”
-Sherlyn, mummy to Matthias

So mummies, what does your ideal pampering day look like? Check back this month on Mummyfique as we bring you a whole month of wellness to get you back to YOU.

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