Fitspo Friday: Five Fuss-Free Ways To Detox

By Jessica Koon

So, it’s the F1 weekend and you’ve been out making merry, you had a bit to drink, over ate maybe. Regaining consciousness at around 5am, you walk into the house all giggly and then, BOOM, You realise that mummy duties resume in approximately two hours.

Do. Not. Panic.

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Here are five fuss-free ways to detox and hopefully get you through the day — says the mummy who did the deed and lived to tell the tale. If you ever find yourself struggling after a big night out, this list’s for you.

1. Hydrate 


Water at this point is your best friend, but before you go chug down that pitcher, stop. Rather, try to sip water throughout the day instead. This helps to prevent bloating in the face.

*Tip – lemon water is highly recommended: drink room temperature water with three slices of lemon.

2. Move 

Yes, I know, horrid. Especially since some of us may have overdone it and are nursing a splitting headache, so refer to our first tip before proceeding.

Pick up that stroller (with the child) and head out to the park for a walk. Your body will produce enough endorphins to get you feeling better as soon as you break into a sweat. Toxins are being flushed from your lymphatic system while you get rewarded with smiles from the little one.

3. Cleanse


Ever heard of Green Juice Smoothies? This magical elixir rids your body of toxins in a delicious, healthy way, filling you up with all the vitamins and minerals you’ll need to restabilise your nervous system.

Try this with two handfuls of any green vegetable. Start off with spinach (high in calcium), then add in a banana for fibre, a handful of berries for antioxidants, and end off with a cup of coconut water rich in electrolytes. Blend it all up and give yourself a pat on the back as you drink this, the day is almost over!

4. Breathe


You don’t have to be a yogi who has found your inner peace, but master breathing and your body will thank you for it. In order to get the full effects, make sure you breathe deep enough to feel it in your core.

Fact: deep breathing exercises will help fill you with oxygen that is essential for the body to absorb vitamins and nutrients more effectively. Once your lymphatic system is fully charged with oxygen, this will naturally lead to detoxification.

Try some deep breathing techniques here.

5. Sleep


Hungover or not, everyone deserves a good night’s rest after a full day of tackling housework, cooking, work, and kids. Your body cleanses itself while you sleep and the brain detoxifies as you relax into blissful slumber.

So there you have it! Five easy steps to detox your body and soul in time for the next weekend’s shenanigans.

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